We are so happy with our new counters!

These guys made a very professional job look easy to do..... They work as a great team every step of the way.

Tomorrow the plumber comes to set up the sink. Also a range hood will be installed. I thought I could imagine how beautiful our modest kitchen would look with granite, with this particular choice of granite, but I didn't realize the outcome would leave me speechless. It is truly a jaw dropping experience. I can't stop staring at the granite from every angle. It feels as though we have a grand guest living with us now. My appreciation for the riches hidden in the earth is magnified immensely.

I want to thank you for your crucial help throughout the timing it took for us to complete our decisions. Your expertise, patience, and warmth have been invaluable in the whole process. Thanks so much.

Many thanks to everyone there,

Linda and Patrick Marooney